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Numinous Moons

Mermaid Crystal & Jar Gift Set

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These crystals really give our ocean vibes! This kit will include a Caribbean Calcite tumbled stone, Amazonite tumbled stone, small Aquamarine raw chunk,  Aragonite, Prehnite cluster. Orbicular Jasper (Ocean Jasper) Heart, 2 Incense Matches, and a Handcrafted Sea Mermaid Jar. 

Caribbean Calcite

Beautiful Caribbean Calcite Palm Stones from Pakistan. Caribbean Calcite is a mixture of an ocean blue calcite and aragonite. Caribbean Calcite was found by accident and it is said that it will be mined out within a few years. 


Chakra: Third Eye, Crown 

Uses: Calming, helps promote healthy sleep, new beginnings, intuition, meditation, spiritual awareness, wisdom, and helps with anxiety. 


Location: Brazil

Element: Water

Chakras: Heart (4th) & Throat (5th)

Properties: Stone of Truth. You can trust visions & dreams while working with Amazonite. Helps find inner freedom.


Location: Brazil

Element: Water

Chakras: Throat (5th)  & Heart (4th)

Properties: Calming, enhances intuitive abilities, helps communicating feelings.


Your crystals will be cleansed before packaged for the journey to its new home.

 *Do not wash the Mermaid Jar!


Consciously sourced crystals from around the world. Origin of this particular crystal is in the description.

*All crystals have imperfections which make them truly unique! 

How to use

*** Medical Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor for any healthcare needs. Crystals and herbs do not replace your primary care from your doctor. 


Your crystal will be cleansed before packaged for the journey to its new home.  If you do not want it to be cleansed please send me a message.

All orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days.