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Coltsfoot Apothecary Herb Jar (Tussilago Farfara)

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Herb jar is filled with dried kosher certified organic Coltsfoot. The jar is 3 inches tall by 2 inches in width. It is a 3.5 oz jar but since the herbs weigh barely anything the actual herbs itself will not weight 3.5 oz. I fill the jars to the top with the herbs so you get the most for your money. :) 

Coltsfoot supports love, visions, peace, and tranquility.

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Origin: Croatia

IMPORTANT: Coltsfoot should not be used during pregnancy or while trying to conceive. Do NOT use when nursing. Use only externally. NEVER INGEST COLTSFOOT! Do not apply to broken or abraded skin. Coltsfoot is a powerful herb, please do your research before trying to add this herb to your practice. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

***Medical & Safety Disclaimer (Herbs and Crystals): All sales on herbs & crystals are final unless they were damaged during shipment. While herbs & crystals are powerful items to use, please do not replace your current medical practices. Some herbs are dangerous to those who are trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant, breast feeding, children, elderly, and pets. Always contact your medical doctor when you are sick or have any type of ailments. Please learn about your herbs and crystals to make sure you do not use any that could potentially hurt you. I know they're a lot of new beings to this practice, if you have any questions please send me an email. Please always keep an eye on herbs if you are burning them within a cauldron, candle, or any other safe way you prefer. Never leave a room unattended with a flame or herbs burning and keep out of reach from pets, children, and flammable material.

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