Color Magick

I have been getting similar questions about color and how it relates to magick, so I want to take a few minutes to answer those questions! 

I also created this color wheel as a guide for you to use in your practice.

Common Question #1

What color of candle should I use in a self-love ritual?

Answer: I would suggest Red, Pink, or Blue.

Common Question #2

What color of candle should I use in a ritual of fertility?

Answer: I would suggest Green.

Common Question #3

What if I pick the wrong color of candle for my ritual/spell?  Will the spell not work?

Answer: Simply, no it will not ruin your spell! Rituals and spells use the intention that you are giving out. So if you are using a red candle instead of orange for an Attraction Spell it will still work because that is the intention that you were giving to the red candle. For me personally, I would use orange but you can use whatever color is calling your name for the particular ritual/spell.

Bottom line, use the color of candle that you feel resonates with your intention.

The color wheel I made is just for your reference if you feel like you are getting stuck while planning for a ritual/spell.

Red: Love, Passion, Health
Orange: Encouraging, Attraction, Stimulation
Yellow: Inspiration, Communication, Divination
Green: Health, Fertility, Good Luck
Blue: Protection, Healing, Understanding
Purple: Peace, Spiritual, Divination 
Black: Dignity, Banishing, Patience
White: Purity, Cleansing, Clarity
Gold: Intuition, Success, Health
Silver: Spiritual,Psychic, Memory

As always I am here if you have any questions.

Blessed Be,


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